The Guinean company for oil Palm and Rubber is an agro-industrial company created in 1987. It extends on more than 10,000Ha of rubber and oil palm plantations. It processes its products in its factories for the extraction of palm oil, soap production and dry rubber.

SOGUIPAH positions itself in the Republic of Guinea as one of the flagships of the national economy. Maintaining the course is a permanent challenge for Michel BEIMY, Director General of SOGUIPAH, who, in order to keep the standard, relies on a key word: digitalization.

SOGUIPAH has more than 3,600 direct jobs, 6,000 indirect farmers and many subcontractors.

Computerizing the entire operating system of SOGUIPAH is a vast project whose implementation is entrusted to Dembou Consulting BE.

Dembou Consulting BE specializes in the development of an integrated management solution under the ComMa® brand